Web Application Security for Hosting Providers

www.applicure.com Increase Revenues by Offering Security as a Service By offering Web application security to their customers, hosting providers can earn additional revenue while significantly reducing their complaint handling and abuse recovery efforts. With the dotDefender Web application security solution, shared and dedicated hosting providers can protect their customers’ websites from many types of application-based attacks, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, path traversal, and defacement. By installing dotDefender, hosting providers can offer Web application security as a service to their hosted sites, increasing revenues with minimal investment. Reduce Costly Customer Support Calls As targeted application-level attacks proliferate, hosting providers are becoming swamped with complaint calls from customers whose websites have been hacked (eg, SQL injection, compromised servers, corrupted and stolen data). As a result, the hosting companies are forced to invest substantial time and money on handling complaints, fixing hacked sites and restoring data. dotDefender Web Application Security: Win-Win Proposition for Hosting Providers and Their Customers Field-proven at numerous leading hosting companies and ISPs, dotDefender represents a unique win-win proposition for your hosting business and your customers. Hosting providers reduce their abuse handling workload and improve customer satisfaction, while website owners benefit from robust application security