Web Application Development: Where do I start?

Question by unibumps: Web Application Development: Where do I start?
Help a newbie out! 🙂

Let me start off by saying that I have ZERO background in programming.

I understand markup langauges (HTML, XHTML, CSS) and I know a bit of JavaScript.

I know the directly I would like to take is to learn and utilize .Net technologies for web application development. My question is… where do I start?

While I know schooling is the most formal route to take (and I do intend on eventually completing a MS in Computer Science) I will have to stick with individual learning / workshops or individual classes for the time due to financial restraints.

I don’t want to learn just the languages. I know that if I learn only the languages, I won’t fully understand the development aspect. Sure, I’ll know what elements, functions and variables are and how to manipulate them effectively (I guess), but I won’t know the theory of programming.

I liken it to music somewhat. I can learn to play the guitar and piano well, but just because I can read sheet music and translate it into music does not mean that I understand music theory or know how to write decent songs from scratch.


What are some great resources available for those of us teaching ourselves programming techniques/languages and not attending formal schooling?

Is there a MUST HAVE book on programming algorithms that would provide decent insight and get me started on the right track?

Any other advice from experienced programmers that would be useful? 🙂

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
Excuse any spelling errors. I am an idiot and did not proofread prior to posting.

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Answer by Leo
I’ll suggest you a great online resource where you can start learning programming.


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