Wall Street Financial Assistant 3.1

Wall Street Financial Assistant 3.1
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Platform: mobile
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If you you are looking for a powerful yet simple financial calculator with wide range of financial instruments, look no further. Loan calculator, mortgage calculator, bond calculator, futures, options and more – WSFA does it all!The program has a unique approach to the matter of financial, business, and statistics calculations. For every selected financial instrument, it displays a screen with fields for you to enter the values. The interface is possibly easier to use even than a regular calculator as each individual financial instrument has dedicated input and output form.Wall Street Financial Assistant does fast and accurate calculations, thanks to specially optimized algorithms for mobile devices with limited capabilities and no special math co-processors. Add the ability to store named assets and operations over them and you get portable portfolio management tool able to track value of your investments, quicker and easier than ever!Implemented Financial InstrumentsBondsSupported calculations: Current YieldHolding Period ReturnYield To MaturityDurationModified DurationConvexityPriceClean price (v.2.4)Accrued interest (v.2.4) A bond is a long-term contract under which a borrower agrees to make payments of interest and principal, on specific dates, to the holder of the bond. Bonds are classified into four main types: treasury, corporate, municipal and foreign depending on the issuing side. Each type differs with respect to expected return and degree of interest. When calculating the value of a bond, a discount rate is used which is the bond’s market rate of interest. The discount rate is also called yield.FuturesSupported calculations:PriceSupported base assets:CurrencyEquityCommodityThe futures contract is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a certain time in the future. The types of contracts are standardized in order the exchange trade of Futures contracts to be possible. The Futures asset is similar to the Forward asset type (the latter lacks standardization and is generally not traded on an exchange). Both are particularly simple derivatives. WSFA supports futures on currency, equity, and commodity.OptionsSupported calculations:PriceImplied VolatilitySupported base assets:CurrencyEquityFuturesOptions are one of the most complex financial instruments. The options are “derivative” financial instruments – they are always based on another asset. Generally, the option represents the right but not the obligation to perform certain financial activity – it is upon the option holder to decide whether to execute the right or not.WSFA supports the most widely used types of options – American and European. The underlying asset type supported are currency, equity, futures. WSFA can also calculate the implied volatility of an asset. This means it can derive the volatility that the option-underlying asset should have, so that the price of the option is at some known level.Implemented Business InstrumentsTime Value of MoneySupported calculations:Present ValueFuture ValuePresent Value of AnnuityFuture Value of AnnuityNumber of PaymentsPayment AmountFinancial decisions often involve situations in which someone pays money at one moment of time and receives money at some later time. Dollars that are paid or received at two different points of time are different and this difference is recognized and accounted for by the time value of money analysis. In fact it is true that, of all concepts used in finance, time value of money is the most important one. Cash FlowsSupported calculations:NVP, Net Present ValueMIRR, Modified IRRPayback PeriodDiscount Payback PeriodEquivalent AnnuityThe cash flows calculations are the most frequently used method to analyze different investment opportunities. A given investment can be described by the different payments that will take place – negative amounts for the money You should invest and positive amounts for the future inflows from the investment. How can we choose between two or more investment opportunities, is the investment worth it’s risks – Wall Street FA can help You with the calculations needed to solve these problems quickly.Implemented Statistics InstrumentsStatisticsSupported calculations:MeanStandard deviationCoefficient of VarianceSkewnessKurtosisCoefficient of CorrelationIntercept (Linear regression)Slope (Linear regressionWSFA supports the most common statistical analysis calculations. To conduct these calculations, the user should enter a list of values for which he or she wants statistical information. Statistical analysis consists of single series analysis – computation of mean, standard deviation, etc. Some methods of finding statistical dependence between two series are also supported – coefficient of correlation and regression analysis.

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