Vista Start Menu 3.0: A Better Alternative to the Windows “Start” Menu


Vista Start Menu screenshot

Secaucus, NJ (PRWEB) October 9, 2008

OrdinarySoft has just released version 3.0 of its incredibly easy-to-use Vista Start Menu, a computer utility designed for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista that completely replaces the standard Start menu with a more intuitive interface for accessing a user’s applications and documents while providing a host of other time-saving features.

The new version offers beginning and advanced PC users alike the ability to fully customize the look and feel of the Start menu, allowing you to change skins, remove menu items, fully control tabs, adjust font size and zoom level, access bookmarks and more — right from the Start menu.

The key advantage of Vista Start Menu over the standard menu is in its intuitive design based on research in computer-to-human interaction and visual memory. As a result, items do not change their position in Vista Start Menu when new ones are added or others removed, and therefore are easily found at a glance.

Another improvement based on visual design research is the utility’s “One-Click Launch” feature. When enabled, Vista Start Menu displays application folders as icons so there’s no need to choose a folder and browse sub-menus; it only takes one click to start an application, making the process is several times faster.

Fans of XP will appreciate Vista Start Menu for its ability to search for an application by name and simple-to-use command line integration. And its search capabilities can be extended as it supports integration with Microsoft Desktop Search as well as Google Desktop Search.

Vista lovers will benefit from a huge improvement over scrolling through a long list of applications displayed in a tiny window. Vista Start Menu provides a much more user-friendly alternative with the entire list of applications displayed full screen.

“Vista Start Menu is designed to enhance the Windows user’s experience,” says developer Dennis Nazarenko. “Our primary goals were to make working with the Start menu more convenient and time-efficient.”

About OrdinarySoft:

Since 2004, OrdinarySoft has been specializing in the design of software tools to improve and simplify everyday computer tasks. Today, over one million people use their products and the number is steadily growing.

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