Viral Marketing: Expert tips, ads and examples

It’s not a business secret that viral marketing can achieve great things for a business, and if you’re lucky you may even have experienced it yourself. The hottest business advice says: creating something truly unique and people will spread it willingly across the web for you. Virals are cheap, people love them and a successful one will get your business buzz for a long, long time. So what is the secret to creating these elusive but highly successful ads? Watch this free business TV show to find out what thought leadership strategist David Scott, founder of Ads of the World Ivan Razl, and founder Anastasia Goodstein say about producing great virals. Looking for more free tips and advice on how you could be making more sales? There are hundreds more shows to watch and post up on your own website or blog! See More – just visit Hear about the very latest show releases, as well as other yourBusinessChannel news by visiting our blog at http
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