VieSMS 1.6.2

VieSMS 1.6.2
Category: SMS Tools
Platform: windows
License: Free to try
Publisher: VieSMS


VieSMS enables users to send and/or receive SMS messages via the GSM devices connected to the host PC. This software comes in handy for the users who want to take marketing and advertising to a new level.VieSMS has several abilities and advantages that allow user to send messages easily from a computer, such as:1. Import Contacts from Microsoft Excel.2. Export Inbox and Sent Items to Microsoft Excel.3. Send message to multiple contacts with or without grouping.4. Send scheduled message (very useful for birthday greeting, religious holiday greeting).5. Personalize message using custom tags.6. Character encoding using Default GSM Alphabet (7 bit), ASCII (8 bit) and Unicode (16 bit) for international characters.7. Character encoding automation while sending a message. 8. Multi-Language Interface. 9. Multi-Device (send and receive messages using two or more GSM Devices simultaneously).10. Auto Forwarder (forward any incoming messages to contacts in a predefined group).11. Database management utilities (Compact, Backup, Restore, Repair).12. Option for the maximum number of Threads, especially when using more than one device.13. Limitations on the number of incoming and outgoing messages on each devices through its simcard.14. Send USSD code to each device, useful for checking Balance/credit (suxh as *123#).15. AT Command Terminal for each device making it possible to do manual settings.16. Activity log for each device, to see if there is a network failure, wrong configuration that might reveal a device problem.

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