Verax SNMP Agent Simulator 1.3

Verax SNMP Agent Simulator 1.3
Category: Network Tools
Platform: windows
License: Free to try
Publisher: Verax Systems


Verax SNMP agent simulator is a tool that can simulate multiple SNMPv1/v2c agents on a single host on standard 161 port through multi-netting. It allows IT personnel to build virtual, simulated networks of devices without purchasing any additional hardware, for instance for testing purposes. Individual simulated agent responses can be initially retrieved from existing devices and modified at runtime by user defined rules. Features: * Management console for managing device types, addresses and their instances* Support for multiple agents and multiple networks on a single host* SNMP response configuration files compatible with SNMP walk output for easy creation of initial simulated agent responses from existing devices* Rich set of rules for modifying agent responses including: * Generation of random MAC and IP addresses, including advanced scenarios like randomizing only a part of the address (e.g. network part of an IP address is fixed, the host part varies) * Random integer, counter and string value generation, including “one time” or “each time” scenarios * Support for integer arithmetic operations (e.g. return value based on a sum of two other values, etc.) * Trend based value generation (direction, step range, reset threshold value, etc), e.g. for increasing counters

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