Using Remote Desktop Software As A Workforce Training & Productivity Enhancement Tool

Using Remote Desktop Software As A Workforce Training & Productivity Enhancement Tool

Using Remote Desktop Software As A Workforce Training & Productivity Enhancement Tool

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Home Page > Computers > Software > Using Remote Desktop Software As A Workforce Training & Productivity Enhancement Tool

Using Remote Desktop Software As A Workforce Training & Productivity Enhancement Tool

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Posted: Mar 12, 2010 |Comments: 0


Using remote desktop software, multiple computer users can directly interface and interact with one another from anywhere in the world. These connections facilitate unprecedented levels of collaboration, vastly improved levels of technical support and other enhancements to workplace productivity in general. In this article we will take a look at remote desktop software as a tool for enhancing employee training processes and overall productivity via performance monitoring and real-time support.

In most job environments, there are very specific procedures that must be followed as closely as possible in order to ensure the company remains productive. The time spent training new hires on these processes can be greatly diminished and its efficacy significantly improved through the use of remote desktop software. Using these programs, a trainer or manager can monitor an employee’s procedures in real time and determine exactly their strengths and weaknesses. If an employee is having a particularly difficult time with a given element of their work, the person monitoring them has the ability to instantly take remote control of their system and allow the employee to watch the process correctly occur right on their own screen, rather than have it merely explained to them over their shoulder. It is with this kind of visual and immediate assistance that training times are reduced and long term memories are instilled.

Another application for improving overall productivity through the use of remote desktop software is screen recording. This is similar to screen monitoring but in this situation many computers may be monitored and recorded from a single workstation and their activity stored for later viewing. The screens of these computers can be selectively recorded based on settings such as: during work on certain projects, while using specific programs, when on the company network, etc. This can help increase productivity by comparing performance across several employees and determining how and why certain employees are more productive than others and using that knowledge to develop and implement change. These screen recordings can also be viewed back to assist with incident reporting, employee rewarding, case study opportunities or for whatever you may wish to use them for.

Technical support and call center employers may also get great benefit from the synchronized playback of the recorded phone conversations their employees are conducting with their corresponding computer screen activity. Capturing these two elements together gives the employee the entire picture of the employee’s activity and can greatly aid the process of training and employee advancement. It is important to note that this monitoring can occur both with and without the knowledge of the employee (stealth mode). This can be an important differentiation to make due to the fact that long term, non-intrusive monitoring techniques help identify trends in employee performance and aid in developing more successful approaches toward solving any productivity issues the worker may be having. Regardless of the specific setting or application, it is clear that the level of access allowed by remote desktop software is ushering in new levels of efficiency and productivity among today’s workforce.

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Tim Kennedy
About the Author:

This article was written by Tim Kennedy on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your PC Remote Access, Remote Access, and Remote Desktop Software needs.


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