Use Remote Desktop Software for working in 2 or more PCs at the same time?

Question by Rodrigo Vazquez: Use Remote Desktop Software for working in 2 or more PCs at the same time?
I want to know if it is possible to use Remote Desktop in one PC as a server and use other PCs connected in LAN working in the same computer(server).
Using multiple keyboards and mouse in the same Screen of the shared Desktop.
Suppose there are 3 PCS.. I got a software in one PC, and I want to open it 3 times and let other 2 PCS access my PC to start using the Software of my PC in 3 different windows on my PC.
Is that possible?

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Answer by Robert G
I don’t think the question was worded correctly, did you mean have one server which three other machines log into with by remote desktop to access a common program simultaneously? Some programs are written where you can only open one instance of it at a time but if this is the case you can do it if the server is capable of running multiple vm and the program can run in the confines of the server’s capabilities.

It may be possible but shouldn’t be legal unless it’s open source software. Most software that runs on a server has a seating license unless the program you have doesn’t have such a requirement I wouldn’t consider doing this if this is a business setting since all it would take one person having an argument with you to report you for it. This is not a cheap fine if you get caught.

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