Upgrading with Remote Desktop Software Part 3

Upgrading with Remote Desktop Software Part 3

Upgrading with Remote Desktop Software Part 3

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Home Page > Computers > Software > Upgrading with Remote Desktop Software Part 3

Upgrading with Remote Desktop Software Part 3

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Posted: Jun 09, 2010 |Comments: 0


Although its popularity is currently at an all time high thanks to the pervasiveness of internet enabled mobile devices and smartphones, there are still many who are not aware of the benefits offered by remote access software, also known as Remote Desktop Software or Remote Control Software.  These programs allow for connections among several computers which may be located anywhere in the world. Once formed, these connections enable users to take complete control over the connected computer, effectively granting them total access over that machine. This access can be used to take over a remote system for the purposes of administering technical support, instructing a user on how to use a particular piece of software, group collaboration and editing, and many other applications. As is to be expected in a world filled with so many computers, many users find that their systems have a difficult time keeping up with the demand placed on them by resource heavy programs and capacity draining media files. In this article we will examine how remote desktop software can be used to increase the processing power, storage limitations and other functions of an aging computer.


Multi-Tasking – Ripping and burning DVDs, encoding video, downloading big files, and saving data intensive files are just some system operations that can bring a computers performance below workable levels. While today’s computers come equipped with horsepower that absolutely dwarfs what was available just a few years ago, the demands of software and operating systems has grown in parallel. Luckily, internet speeds have also kept pace with hardware and software advancements, opening up new opportunities for users to effectively multi-task.


Through the use of Remote Access Software, users can easily connect to a dedicated machine, offload CPU intensive operations and free up precious system resources. Video files can be sent to an alternate system for encoding or rendering.  Time consuming downloads and uploads can be performed on a second machine. Any operation that would hamper system performance can be assigned to the controlled machine, leaving all system resources available to the main computer.


We see here that remote control software provides many options to users who often run into issues with system resources. By offloading intensive operations to a second system with this flexible software, the work will get done, while the worker remains productive.

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Tim Kennedy
About the Author:

This article was written by Tim Kennedy on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your Remote Desktop Software, Remote Control Software and Remote Access needs.


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