Uninstall Problems with Yahoo Desktop Search?

Question by surya: Uninstall Problems with Yahoo Desktop Search?
I am unable to uninstall Yahoo Desktop Search. It throws this error message: Please close Yahoo Desktop Search before attempting to uninstall. I am unable to open Yahoo Desktop Search; so I am unable to close it either. It just stopped functioning. Please suggest what do I do.
Cont+Alt+Del or crashing my PC holding the ON/OFF button cannot solve, since I did not open the Yahoo Desktop Search in the first place. In fact, I am unable to open it. The error message still appears asking me to close first, when I have not even opened it.
(1) Yahoo Search does not appear in Task Bar as a running application for corrective action. (2) Reinstalling Yahoo for repair is not helpful, since a message appears asking me to first close the open YS application. (3) I have not opened the YS. So, how do I close it? (4) If I click on YS ikon to open (such that I may close it formally), it wouldn’t open. (5) I have tried doing this, with my Norton deactivated as well.

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Answer by Bob Bob
press ctrl-alt-delete and cancel the search, or crash your computer by holding down the power button

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