Unboxing – Acer X3200 Mini Desktop PC

Yes, quite heavy for the size of the computer. Specs HDD: 1TB OS: Vista Premium 64bit RAM: 4GB CPU: AMD Phenom X3 triple core DVD: RW with Label flash Graphics: nVida Geforce 8200 (Steam and can you run it say it’s a 9200) Overall: A very good PC with nice specs, has a 4.3 vista score which isn’t bad at all. It’s good for games but don’t expect to be able to run crysis at maxed out settings. If I could, I would upgrade to 8GB RAM since the computer is on 64bit OS, but I don’t need 8GB when 4 is enough for what I use the computer for. Keyboard and mouse: The mouse is good fits comfortably in your hand but it feels very … cheap. The keyboard is good for newer computer users but for speedy types like myself it may come across as annoying at first since it’s one of those appropriately dubbed “Sticky keys” keyboard, and like the mouse the keyboard feels cheap. I don’t expect it to last long with the speed I type with. Memory: For a computer of this size, I think it’s amazing. 4GB DDR2 suits me just fine. Hard drive space: The 1TB HDD gave me a shock as the computer is so small it’s hard to think that kind of power could exist inside of it. With the addition of my 2 500GB externals, I now have a total of 2TB of space. USB: there are about 9/10 USB ports on this computer in total which is good, as now I don’t need my USb hubs for a while, which in turn can save deskspace, so I will be packing them away at a later date, probably tomorrow. Audio: There is only one word I would