Turn 1 Computer to 10 Computers

Turn 1 Computer to 10 Computers
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Dear Sir/Madam,Dear Sir/Madam,

Windows PC Station is a new technology developed to promote affordable computing in large institutions, medium businesses,Hotels( hotels running Business Centerers would greatly benefit on using this product),training centers, government institution, libraries, hospitals, schools etc while cutting down the cost of resources with up to 80%.

Imagine how much you spend on computers every month, upgrades, technical support, software changese, installations ……… The list is endless. Did you know that most employees use 1 – 5% of a computer’s processing power? Now not any more! Windows PC Station offers you a solution to run your enterprise at the lowest computing costs ever, including start up and daily running

Technically most employees under utilize the processing power of their PC’s using approximately 7% of the processing power and leaving up to 93% untapped. i.e. a standard machine with 512MB Ram, 3.0 GHz, 80GB HDD used by an individual to run lightweight applications such as such as surfing the internet, E-mail, instant messaging, office suites etc Leaving a lot of computer resources to waste.

With Windows PC Station Technology, we are able to transform and utilize the resources of one computer to be used by up to 30 users without affecting the overall performance. The Unveiling of the new Windows PC Station brings a great change in how we view a Personal Computer, Windows PC Station Share is one kind of networking devices using WoIP (Windows over IP) based on networking standards.

It connects with host or server by fast Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, which can realize one PC as host to serve up to 10 station users independently and synchronously

Features and Advantages of Windows PC Station

.USB HUB: Be able to connect USB devices on the terminal device and save work from the host machine.

.Simultaneously operating with system: Host and Windows PC Station M900 can simultaneously and independently operate the same program.

.Compatibility: Windows PC Station M900 can operate the program of the host: browse the web, mail, office software and most of games.

.Easy installation: Only needs to install service software on the host, then connect the host to Windows PC Station by mesh wire, no needs the installation software on the terminal, neither other devices.

.Low software costs on licenses: You just need to buy licenses of the host machine, as the clients run and share the resources in the host machine

.No need maintenance: Just only need to maintain and update the host. No need hardware maintenance, but need update the service software of the host

.Saving cost: It can save 80% hardware cost equivalent to buy Pentium 4 or the same performance, and also can expand your original host computer for home, office users more easily.

.Low consumption: Protecting the working environment, meanwhile saving the 98% power cost.

.Suit for: Especially for: office, call center, training center, factory, school, government, library etc.

.Weight & Size: 260mm x 210mm x 70mm, 650g – small cubage saves more working room

Am very convinced that this technology if you were to adopt it you would greatly cut down on computing costs and it also would change our country in terms of computing. Advanced technology at a very reasonable price

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