Treasure Adventure Game 1.0

Treasure Adventure Game 1.0
Category: Platformer Games
Platform: windows
License: Free
Publisher: Robit Studios


There is a legend from old times – when the islands of the world were all one continent and people had created huge cities with science and magic.

It tells of an evil demon who despised magicand those who used it. He descended from theheavens and attempted to eradicate every lastounce of magic on the earth, covering it in darkness and death.

In the midst of this chaos, a young wizard’sapprentice, named Huayin, believed he couldmake a stand against the raging demon.

Through ingenuity and strong will, he acquired12 magically enchanted items, each of which gave him a better chance of overcoming the demon.

The battle between the two foes finally ensued – it was legendary! Huayin narrowly defeated the arcane creature.

However, in one desperate, dying move, the evildemon struck at the core of the earth, causingvicious earthquakes and tidal waves.

When everything finally calmed, the world wasno longer one continent but many islands, asit is today.

On the chance that the evil creature couldreturn someday, the young wizard hid his 12enchanted items around the world, hoping that,should the need arise, they could be used by afuture savior.

As far-fetched as it may sound, this legendinspired me to become an archaeologist and tomake it my life’s goal to locate these 12 ancienttreasures and share them with the world.

It feels like only yesterday that my adventurerfriend, his young son and I sailed across the world to find those artifacts.

But, this story isn’t about that journey…

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