Total Training for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Ch1 L5. Design an ASP.NET Web Page with Visual Studio

You can get this entire course at This two part series is perfect for learning one of the hottest tools for building powerful, dynamic web applications. Set 1 helps you get up to speed with the program and Set 2 guides you to mastery level. Note The source code within this training is implemented in visual C# Set 1 Highlights * Learn how to efficiently layout, develop, and maintain standards-based websites that are scalable, secure, and stable. * Get up to speed quickly with how to develop ASP.NET Web Applications using C# and Visual Studio 2005. * Take full advantage of the rich set of ASP.NET 2.0 controls and the extensive .NET Framework class library. * Learn how to create reusable components to encapsulate the UI layout, logic, and data access code in your Web applications. Set 2 Highlights * Learn how to create consistent and standardized user interfaces by using master pages, themes, and style sheets in ASP.NET 2.0. * Understand how to create new Web controls, portals, and WebParts within a site to allow for faster and more efficient site application development. * Manage state effectively by using view state, query strings, cookies, and session state for a clean flow of interactive sites. * Discover how to use ADO.NET to create data access components for a better framework that can access almost any data source. * Refine your skillset to ensure that your next web application is not slow and clunky, but rather takes on a more modern and
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