Top 5 Affordable Web Hosting Sites

Top 5 Affordable Web Hosting Sites

Top 5 Affordable Web Hosting Sites

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Top 5 Affordable Web Hosting Sites

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Posted: Sep 29, 2009 |Comments: 0


Choosing a good web hosting site is a key challenge in online business as it decides the fate of your business on the Web. It has to be in sync with your budget and business requirements. However with wide availability of web hosting companies, you need to play safe without putting any financial burden on yourself.

If you’ve taken a plunge into the online world, you’d certainly require the help of a web host. If you feel confused about how to choose the right web hosting company that does not create a hole in your pocket, you’d seek help of Google. The search results display gazillions of web hosting companies with multiple lucrative offers for web hosting. But how do you know which one is the best for you?

Price is a key area but not the most important one especially when it’s a question of fate of your online venture. The quality of services is one indispensable element that cannot be compromised on. But yes, there is no dearth of good web hosting companies that offer quality-backed yet affordable services. So how to choose?

With my extensive web experience, I present to you a list of top 5 affordable web hosting sites:

1) LimeDomains

LimeDomains, a value-driven open source application hosting solution, offers a plethora of web hosting, domain name registration, domain transfer services etc. to its users worldwide at affordable prices. This VeriSign secured web hosting provider has a clean website with an extremely simple user interface and sound security architecture.

LimeDomains currently supports dozens of applications including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Geeklog, osCommerce etc. and languages like Perl, Python, PHP etc. It offers domain registration at .99 and domain transfer at .99.

It currently offers three web hosting plans namely, Basic (free hosting), Standard (.99 per month) and Premium (.99 per month). It is the first ICANN accredited registrar to include powerful open source applications and a full featured hosting account with every new domain registered or transferred. Presently, they’re running a 15-Day free trial on Standard Hosting Plan and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee offer, only available to shared web hosting products.

2) GoDaddy

Founded by Bob Parson, GoDaddy is the largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrar in the world that offers a wide array of web hosting solutions to its clientele around the globe at most competitive prices. It’s famous internationally for its low-cost hosting packages. GoDaddy also offers varied promotional codes, which enable customers save their considerable amount of money on different hosting packages.

It currently offers both Linux as well as Windows Hosting besides free SSL Certificates, shopping carts, photo galleries, email plans etc. It also supports a gamut of languages like Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, PHP etc. The domain name registration is offered by GoDaddy at .69 and domain transfer at .99. Currently, they’re offering three different hosting plans namely, Economy plan (.88 per year), Deluxe plan (.68 per year) and Unlimited plan (0.88 per year).

3) Hostgator

Founded by Brent Oxley in 2002, HostGator ranks today among top 10 largest web hosting companies cross the world. It has accomplished the significant milestone of hosting more than 2,200,000 domains and is the first web host to go ‘Green’. Its excellent technical & customer support has made it stand class apart.

It currently supports languages including Python, on Rails, PHP, Cron jobs etc. and offers free domain and file transfers along with free script transfers. HostGator provides its clientele with Shared, Dedicated and Reseller web hosting solutions.

HostGator provides domain registration for different domain extensions at different prices like /year for .com, .95/year for .bz etc. It currently offers web hosting plans such as Hatchling (.95 per month), Baby (.95 per month) and Business (.95 per month).

4) Network Solutions

Founded in 1979, Network Solutions is a pioneer name in domain name and web hosting business. It offers other services also including e-commerce solutions, online security products, web design & development, SEO/SEM etc.

This year it achieved its milestone of 6.6 million domain names. It supports Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, PHP 5  etc. Network Solutions offers domain name registration at different prices for different domain extensions like .99 for .com .99 for .tv. There are three different web hosting plans available namely, Small plan (.96 per month), Large plan (.29 per month) and Unlimited plan (.18 per month).

Although Network Solutions offers web hosting plans at quite high prices yet netizens prefer to use them owing to their scalability over the years. This company is more than 30 years old now and hence is a trusted name worldwide.

5) Yahoo!

Yahoo! is a strong contender in web hosting business owing to its search engine’s presence on the World Wide Web for years now. It promises and delivers to its customers 99.9% uptime, 24 × 7 technical and customer support service, out-of-the-box Unix operating system, Apache servers, run-on-the-mill technologies etc.

Its hosting plans are beneficial to especially to ones, who’ve just dived into the cyberspace. It currently offers three standard plans namely, 12 mos.: .46/mo. (For 1st 3 mos. And .95/ month

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