Top 100 Results for a Kent Bye Google Egosearch 9/7/07

Top 100 Results for a Kent Bye Google Egosearch 9/7/07
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Image by kentbye
As of 9/7/07, 98 / 100 of the first Google results for ‘Kent Bye’ (without quotes) are actually relevant to me.

That’s quite different from just a few years ago where searching for my name would yield a ton of non-relevant results including lots of tournament brackets w/ players of last names of "Kent" getting bye rounds as well as people saying bye bye to a person named Kent in their salutation.

Now I’m posting this here because every now and again I do an egosearch. And I’ve noticed how it’s changed a lot almost every time I look at it. Stuff that is at the top I wouldn’t have thought of — like the vlog post on the five things people don’t know about me.

Who knows, this picture could get a ton of links and all of a sudden this could be the number one slot. I’ll never be able to predict it.

But I think it’s an interesting testament to three things.

1.) How Google’s search has gotten so much better over the last 5 years — I’m surprised w/ how many one-off comments I’ve made show up in the results.

2.) How I’ve increased the amount of information I’ve put out there associated w/ my name.

3.) How SEO-friendly my name is. As far as I can tell, there’s not a lot of other "Kent Bye’s" out there

What will this look like in 5 years? I have no idea. But maybe I’ll do this every so often to keep a visual record of it to be able to quickly look back on it.

There’s to look at old websites, but there’s no Google Search archive where you can do a Google search and look at the results from 3 years ago. I’m still waiting for The Google Search Archive.

* I changed my Google search preferences to show the first 100 results instead of 10
* I saved the HTML file of the first 100 results to my desktop.
* Then I opened file:///Users/kent/Desktop/search.html in Paparazzi! screencap program