Top 10 Things To do Before Updating Vista To Windows 7

Top 10 Things To do Before Updating Vista To Windows 7

Top 10 Things To do Before Updating Vista To Windows 7

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Home Page > Computers > Operating Systems > Top 10 Things To do Before Updating Vista To Windows 7

Top 10 Things To do Before Updating Vista To Windows 7

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Posted: Sep 16, 2010 |


I hope most of the Windows lovers have downloaded the BETA copy of Windows 7 and roaring to install it. Don’t start your install procedure without reading this guide as you may lose many important files and settings.

In this guide I will point out some important things that you need to do and remember before installing Windows 7 on your machine.

1.Check the hardware requirement: This is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind before thinking about Windows 7.Though Windows 7 should run fine with the 512 MB RAM system, it’s always better to follow Microsoft recommendations. Below are the Windows 7 requirements:

*A blank DVD

*A PC with a DVD burner

*A test PC for the Windows 7 Beta that meets these minimum hardware recommendations (specific to the Beta and subject to change in the final version of Windows 7). Please do not use a PC you rely on for your work or daily use:

*1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor

*1 GB of system memory

*16 GB of available disk space

*Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (in order to enable Aero theme)

*DVD-R/W Drive

*Internet access (to download the Beta and get updates)

2. Backup Vista: If you are planning to upgrade from Vista SP1(SP1 is must) then it’s a good idea to backup your Vista drive so that you can revert back to Vista easily. I hope most of you know how to do back up task!

3. You need to backup all your profiles and other important files that I have listed below. In case you are planning to wipe out Vista and install Windows 7 then also it’s better to create a backup of all profiles. Below are the important profiles that I backup:


*Outlook pst file

*Windows live writer folder

*Saved games

*Other program profiles that you use.

4. The most important thing for a web addict is browser bookmark folder. Use backup Bookmarks option in your browser to create a bookmark. Download Password Exporter add-on for Firefox to backup all your saved passwords. Also don’t forgot jot down all installed add-ons!

You can even use Mozilla Restorator to backup full Firefox profile.

5. If you have installed too many programs then it’s a good idea to generate list of installed application using a simple command that I have explained in the Generate list of installed applications guide.

6. Next obvious task is to backup all the custom settings that you have done to your Vista. Of course, you can back up! Type Windows Easy Transfer in Start Menu search box and hit enter to open. Follow the simple instructions to complete the task.

Easy Transfer helps you move your many files, folders, and program settings from one computer to another—all in one process.

Using Windows Easy Transfer, you can choose to move:

User accounts
Internet favorites
Program settings

7. Move your Download folder from the “C” drive to any other safe location so that you will not lose the downloaded files.

8. Though Microsoft recommends 16GB drive to install Windows 7 I recommend at least 30GB so that you won’t run out of free space in near feature.

9. If you have any files in Desktop just move to safe place since most of us keep important files on Desktop for quick access.

10. Last but least, don’t forget to retrieve Office and other product keys using free programs like Winkey Finder.

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