Too many computers..

Too many computers..
all in one desktop computers
Image by Brian Landis
Of course, this doesn’t show our two real desktops that we use every day, or any of our three laptops. 😉

This is the temporary home of these computers- eventually, they’re going to be moved to a different location and organized out of the way and totally accessed remotely, so they can just sit and merrily crunch data until they give out. I like old computers to have something worthwhile to do, no point in having them moulder away in a closet!

This little grouping of computers (minus the black Gateway- it was just here temporarily for me to fix for a co-worker) are crunching data for various scientific distributed computing projects. These computers are crunching for two projects- Milkyway@home and Seti@home. The first is attempting to create a three dimensional model of our galaxy using real observational data, and the second is analyzing radio signals captured from deep space to look for non-natural signals (as well as looking for pulsars.)

My computers not in this picture crunch for those projects as well, in addition to crunching for (what could it be for?), Einstein@Home (searching for evidence of gravity waves), Rosetta@Home (studying protein folding sequences) and LHC@Home (project to help analyze data coming from the Large Hadron Collider.)

Specific Computer Links:
Pentium 200mhz (AKA GrungeBox) — Functional but Not active
P2 200mhz (AKA PuppyBox)