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Tomeraider 3 ebook reader for PocketPCNow you can carry an entire encyclopedia on your Pocket PC device. Only TomeRaider 3 ebook reader can handle super-large reference works like the entire Wikipedia (3GB+) and IMDB libraries on your PPC. There are thousands of FREE dictionaries, movie guides, bibles, novels and more in TomeRaider format.TomeRaider Ebook Reader celebrates 9 years. Register TomeRaider 3 Ebook Reader now and read 4000+ ebooks for freeFor the past nine years TomeRaider 3 ebook reader has been the most advanced ebook reader and cross reference viewer available for PC, Pocket Pc, Palm, Epoc, Nokia Communicator series & Sony devices p800/900 devices.Take advantage of our special offer and register your copy of TomeRaider 3 ebook reader now for this special rate. With TomeRaider 3 ebook reader view ebooks such Wikipedia & imdb libraries, online at your own convenience.You can download Tomeraider PocketPC version here.ReviewsPaul Trafford, Educational Technologist, Handheld Musings”The Tomeraider e-book reader software has a very efficient indexing system and supports highly compressed files…Tomeraider3, an e-Book reader that has a remarkably good indexing system.”Martin A. Regtien, Editor-in-Chief,”Fact is, I LOVE the TomeRaider format. Bought the first version when it came out years ago. It’s still one of my favourite programs on any PPC”Byron Collins, editor Byron’s eBook EmporiumTomeRaider’s ease of use, smart indexing & quick access to content, HTML support for text, Cross-Platform, makes it a great tool for your PDA / Handheld eBook Authoring needs.

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