Tina-Renee’s Dollhouse on Daring Dames TV Web Series Trailer #1 Starts 11-28-11

Premieres 11-28-11. www.facebook.com Meet web series host Tina-Renee and The Dollhouse Group, a group of daring dames who are on a mission to dissect, discuss, and debate to give you “Keep It Real” answers to your “Keep It Real” questions. Tina-Renee’s Dollhouse on Daring Dames TV, “Where Daring Dames Are Running Things”. New episode each Monday starting 11-28-11. Please send your questions, suggestions, or request to appear to tinareneesdollhouse1@gmail.com Created by Ed Magik for Daring Dames TV. Produced by Ed MagikĀ® in association with MJS Productions. Recorded at: Dewberries Boutique & Lounge 5876 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019 323-32-0628 www.luvthatdewberries.com Web series trailer. Runtime 2 minutes.