The Watchmen Movie Review by Fury of the Film Fan

So I’m trying something new, a test if you will. The trailer in this film is directly from the sites promotional downloads. Now let’s see if some wacky channel claims my video. That’s why I didn’t put any other channel ads on this video. In any case BEHOLD!!! my watchmen Review!!!! Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder the same guy who directed 300. I tried my best to be as objective as possible with this review if you still call watchmen a bad movie go see the legend of chun li for a clear definition of what is bad. here are my tags:AMETAGS: Xbox360: Furyofdafilmfan ps3: FuryoftheFilmFan Steam: contact with email Twitter: Watchmen was a damn good movie. Watchmen gets the Gold Fury Award. Go watch Watchmen, Go read the novel, do it! If you don’t like it watch it again!