The Ten Best Desktop Computers

The Ten Best Desktop Computers

The Ten Best Desktop Computers

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The Ten Best Desktop Computers

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Posted: Sep 28, 2009 |Comments: 0
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The Ten Best Desktop Computers

By: Don McCobb

About the Author

Don McCobb is a retired international oil executive and CPA currently promoting Online Money Making Opportunities. His blog,, is full of interesting ideas on internet marketing and other stuff. His website is

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Article Source: Ten Best Desktop Computers

Since you are reading this, you obviously are in market for a new computer.  You, also, know that the list is endless.  Before I cover the ten best desktop computers, You should consider a couple of things.  Firstly, what you have been using up to now and are you willing to make a change?  Secondly, do you have a tight budget or can you spend a little more to have something you might like better?

If you have used Windows all your life, most likely you will not consider an iMac.  This is also true if you are on a tight budget.  So if either of these considerations is your situation, forget the iMac and you only have nine other possibilities to consider.  On the other hand if it isn’t, you should give careful consideration to the iMac.  Once you have one, you’ll love it.

So here are the Ten Best Desktop Computers

#1. The iMac.   Already discussed and maybe the most secure computing environment.  Best for music and video capabilities.  Has a flat screen 19 inch monitor that contains the computer with separate key pad and mouse.

#2. Dell XPS 400.  This computer tops most lists.  It looks great, and runs fast.  It also has a 19 inch flat screen monitor.  It’s under 00 so a bit cheaper than the iMac.

#3. Gateway DX310 Series.  Dual core processors make this unit as fast as higher priced computers.  Gateway has excellent customer support and makes it easy to earn free upgrades.  You should certainly take a good look at this one.

#4. HP Pavilion Series.  An underrated desktop line, the HP Pavilion series has dual core processors, which makes it possible to do multi-tasking.  Memory expansion is very easy and it offers some of the best graphic and sound cards in the business.

#5. Compaq Presario Series.  These are affordable and reliable computers that  come instantly ready to start surfing the web.  They are ideal for families

#6.  Sony Vaio RB60.  This computer comes with a lot of neat Sony software, and is equipped with a 17 inch LCD monitor.  This is the prefect choice for anyone looking for a great entertainment computer that also can handle work and the internet.  

#7.  emachines D5039.  Maybe the best value in the market.  Emachines is a respected PC company that has the family in mind.  They offer great products at unbeatable prices.  Certainly, a great starter computer.

#8.  Alienware Area 51 Series.  A great looking machine offering great performance for even the pickiest game enthusiasts.  Great graphics and sound with the speed of Intel 4 processing makes this a great buy.

#9.  Fujitsu Esprimo C.  The smallest desktop in this group and one of the sleekest.  These computers can be tailored to your desires.  You won’t be disappointed.

#10.  Lenovo 3000 3 Series.  These computers are aimed at families, and have the power and capacity that will not disappoint.  Priced at under 0 they have made a lot of people happy.

I think that you will find this list helpful in deciding on your next computer.  Check them out, and don’t decide until you have seen and talked to knowledgeable sales people

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