* The Rise (And Fall?) of Application Stores *

* The Rise (And Fall?) of Application Stores *
Application stores are growing everywhere like mushrooms. While users have initially embraced application stores because of the ease they offer with application installation, developers have several complaints. Division of profits from paid application and ineffectiveness of the screening process are among the major issues. Are application stores the best distribution channel possible? Can they …
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Malware, Macs, and crying wolf: Doing the math
Love Apple gear? Like math? TUAW’s Doing the Math series examines the numbers and the science that lie behind the hardware. The contentious subject of Mac security has been back in the news in recent weeks following the emergence of a fake antivirus package called MacDefender (also known as Mac Security and Mac Protector ) that managed to steal a number of users’ credit card details, and a new …
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New Adobe Flash Player Locks Down the Cookie Jar
Adobe has released Flash Player 10.3 for the Windows, Linux;, Mac OS X and Android platforms. This latest update offers better security and user privacy protection, makes it easier for end users to manage their Flash Player settings and provides new desktop video and audio capabilities for enterprises and developers.
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