The new W7 – Windows 7 ; Good or Bad?

The new W7 – Windows 7 ; Good or Bad?
business desktop computer
Image by Samad Jee (Mirza Ghaalib MODE)
Installed Build 7000, x64 on my laptop (P8400, 4GB Ram, 1GB ATI 3450) It runs amazingly well. I had to enable the use of both processors in msconfig for startup (1 core/processor is the default for all Windows OS’s), but after doing that, my startup times are less than 25 seconds!!! (You can do this in Vista/XP as well, its under Boot tab –> advanced options)

Loving it so far. It truly is a methodical version of Vista.

I’ve been meaning to reinstall Vista on my desktop (due to a power outage corrupting some windows files :/). I think I’ll go the W7 route.

My only complaint is Homesharing (or whatever its called), for some reason ever since I enabled it and then disabled it, I can no longer see shared files on my home network/LAN. Even the files on my NAS are invisible. Might be an issue with encryption settings over wireless (stupid draft N), but the fact that no other computers on my network on W7 is the most likely culprit. Oh well, I guess its just a bump in the road.