The Future Site Of My New Computer!

The Future Site Of My New Computer!
new desktop computer
Image by Definitive HDR (On A Small Break)
Ladies and Gents, I give you, the Mik-La-Pita! Inspired by the the Jer-La-Pita I created my own version using a Mikael desk, Lack shelf and angled Capita legs all bought from IKEA 🙂 This desk will sit my new computer that I will be piecing together hopefully by the end of the week if the shipping gods get me all the ordered parts here on time.

Phase one of the "Buy Brandon a new computer" campaign is complete and I have made the purchase of my new 23" 1080P monitor which puts out excellent color reproduction with out a color calibration yet.

Once the new computer arrives I will take some more pictures of the computer and wire tamed desk so check back later on this week 🙂


Small blend of two exposures to get the screens correct and not blown out as well as get the desired effect around the computers.