The Evolution of Desktop Computers and the Subsequent Revolution

The Evolution of Desktop Computers and the Subsequent Revolution

The Evolution of Desktop Computers and the Subsequent Revolution

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Home Page > Computers > The Evolution of Desktop Computers and the Subsequent Revolution

The Evolution of Desktop Computers and the Subsequent Revolution

Posted: May 19, 2011 |Comments: 0


Today, desktop computers have great usage in offices, shops, homes and at several other places. In today’s scenario and according to their usages, computers are broadly classified into workstations, personal or home computers, computer servers and special purpose communication computers. Home computers or desktop computers are the cheapest ones and largely used at homes, shops or small offices. People love to have desktop computers at home and even kids love to learn new things or play games on these computers. 

One important reason behind the popularity of the desktop computers is the ease of upgradation. As the computer market is revolutionary in nature with new products entering the market every now and then, a computer user regularly feels the need of upgrading his computer. Updation of features or substitution of hardware in a desktop computer is not difficult at all. Besides enhancing usability features, a desktop user can select from various stylish features as well. Now, a home PC can be an object of style with its colorful elegant cases and sleek models of LCD displays.    


Desktop computers have been successful in making people more creative and innovative. People sit long hours on their desktop PC at their comfortable living room and use their imaginative ideas to render creative pieces. People now do multiple tasks at home such as video editing, web designing, architectural rendering etc sitting comfortably at home. The ease and flexibility that a desktop has been offering to a large number of people are being seen as a remarkable feature of the revolutionary desktop industry. Now, everyone has become multi-tasking because of versatile desktop PCs.

 It was the year 1975, when the first desktop computer of the world was launched by Micro Instrumentation Telemetry System (MITS). Thereafter, several other companies joined the race to produce home PCs and grab the market of the home PC users. Till 1977, a PC user started to get several choices to select their personal computers. At that time, all PCs used to have an external keyboard and a CRT monitor. And if we today talk about computer’s market, choices are aplenty in terms of computer parts and accessories.

 In 1981, IBM played an important role in revolutionizing the PC market. The microprocessor of Intel 8088 became a decisive moment in setting the computer world on fire. With a thundering success, this innovative 16 bit microprocessor served as a real benchmark to give birth to powerful and fast computer devices. IBM PC was the first home PC brand to standardize the home PC market by incorporating specific operating systems into their PCs. Later Apple’s Mac PC was introduced in the market in 1984 which used to have a 32 bit microprocessor. It too became very popular and people liked its features. The Mac PC too played great role in revolutionizing the home PC market segment.

 Today, the home computer market has a variety of products and a computer user really gets confused in picking the products for themselves, though it’s good news that people have choices.

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