The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

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The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

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Posted: Dec 09, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Many companies have begun using Microsoft Exchange hosting provided by IT outsourcing companies who provide application hosting as well as web hosting. The Exchange Server 2010 can bring you a lot of increased benefits over the older versions. Opting for Microsoft Exchange hosting allows you low starting costs and low running costs thereafter. The best thing for small and medium sized businesses to do is to leave the hosting solution to the MS Exchange hosting experts.  An IT outsourcing company will provide you a complete solution which covers everything from managing the licenses, installation, taking backups, upgradations, operation, maintenance and just about any other task that needs to be done by the web host. This will definitely lead to bringing down your IT costs and leave you more free time to focus on the core areas of your business.

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 hosting offers a stable messaging background for your company which includes a centralized storage, Outlook e-mails as well as a workgroup solution. Microsoft Exchange hosting for mails is only an outsourced solution of Exchange server implementation which is provided on a sharing basis which comes with features that are already configured and include for free protection against viruses and spam, Outlook, Outlook web access and syncing of your mobile phone with the help of ActiveSync.

Among the various features of the Exchange Server 2010 the best is the options of secure Outlook access and e-mail which can be accessed even from a mobile today. The anti-spam and anti-virus features are indeed beneficial considering the amount of spam we receive today not to mention the new viruses that we encounter every so often. Since it is common knowledge that we all receive a lot of spam, switching to a Microsoft Exchange hosting would be well worth it provided it is managed properly and the spam filter appropriately configured to prevent the spam from reaching your mailbox.

If you are worried about security, you should know that each and every e-mail that goes through the Exchange Server 2010 is encrypted so you needn’t worry about your privacy being compromised. Microsoft Exchange hosting has been introduced not long ago and with all its options it can work out to be pretty expensive for a small organization. However, if you enroll with an IT outsourcing company, it can be really worthwhile as the costs come down drastically and you can still enjoy all the benefits.

Microsoft Exchange hosting also includes the Microsoft ActiveSync wireless device synchronization that supports the push technology which the mobile business cannot do without. It is what makes emails automatically appear on mobile devices. BlackBerry handhelds popularized the push mail concept some years ago and the BlackBerry Mobile Service is available as one of the Exchange Server 2010 options. Besides, the push technology is used to get wireless access to corporate data centers, phones, printers and the web.

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Clint Jhonson
About the Author:

If you are looking for a good IT solution for your company visit us to learn more about Microsoft Exchange hosting and see what benefits the Exchange Server 2010 can bring you.


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