The Advantages Of A Rack Mount Server Over A Regular Computer Tower

The Advantages Of A Rack Mount Server Over A Regular Computer Tower

The Advantages Of A Rack Mount Server Over A Regular Computer Tower

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Home Page > Internet > The Advantages Of A Rack Mount Server Over A Regular Computer Tower

The Advantages Of A Rack Mount Server Over A Regular Computer Tower

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Posted: Feb 06, 2011 |Comments: 0


The word “server” is one that is often thrown about these days, and many people know the word without really knowing what it means. Most people understand that a server is a piece of equipment through which they can access certain information, but they know little beyond that. The server is actually an extremely useful and specialized piece of equipment that could be of great benefit not only to large corporate offices, but to smaller and medium-sized businesses as well. A rack mount server is an excellent piece of equipment that offers a number of benefits, and the 1u server is among the more commonly used office servers.


For those unfamiliar with servers overall a comparison between a rack mount server and a regular desktop computer would likely be useful to you. In terms of equipment and hardware, a server does not differ a great deal from a regular desktop computer. A rack mount server is designed to perform a more specific function than a desktop computer, however, and that is to provide round-the-clock access to information to a network of computer users. While it is possible for a desktop computer to perform this same function, such computers are not built with that in mind and they are usually unable to withstand constant use without breaking down.


A rack mount server is specifically designed to be operated around the clock, without ever being shut off at any time. Due to the specificity of this design, when you purchase a rack mount server from a company like a 1u server, a monitor is not included. This is simply because a rack mount server is not meant to be used in the same way that a regular computer is.


Moreover, a 1u server has an advantage over a regular computer tower in terms of the amount of space it occupies. Most people are familiar with the size of a regular computer tower, and a 1u server has a much smaller space requirement in terms of height than a regular computer tower. In addition, you can stack one rack mount server on top of another, making it extremely simple to expand the amount of available space and computing power.


The term ‘rack mount server’ is derived from the way in which this type of 1u server is installed, and is a reference to the bookshelf style mounting available for these servers. Because a 1u server is not much taller than your average DVD player, a great number of them can be stacked one atop the other – something that would be quite impossible with regular computer towers.


So if you manage a business which requires constant access to a common store of information, and are currently operating a regular desktop computer to which all the other computers on your network are connected, then you should definitely think about purchasing a rack mount server in order to better guarantee the safety of your information and increase the productivity of your office.

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Vikram Kumar
About the Author:

If you are looking for a Rack mount server for your office or any 1u server , then look no more! Simply pay a visit to the ABMX website, where you are sure to find the server that suits your exact needs.


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