Texas Instruments Profit Manager BA-20 Desktop Calculator

Texas Instruments Profit Manager BA-20 Desktop Calculator

  • Solves cost-sell margin problems
  • Automatic constant quickly performs repetitive calculations
  • Percent key speeds computation of add-ons and discounts
  • Solar power allows operation even in low light
  • Large keyboard ideal for desktop or portable use

Simply the most convenient, accurate way to perform cost-sell-margin calculations.

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BA-20
  • Manufacturer Website Address: www.ti.com
  • Product Type: Simple Calculator
  • Functions:
  • Solve cost-sell-margin problems
  • Enter any two variables and the third appears instantly
  • Automatic constant quickly performs repetitive calculations
  • Percent key speeds computation of add-ons and discounts
  • Add-to, subtract-from and recall memory
  • Square root
  • Change (+/-)
  • Display Screen: 10 Character(s)
  • Power Source: Solar
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year(s) Limited

    The BA-20 Profit Manager desktop is a calculator that looks like it was designed to perform some basic business functions and look good sitting on a desk. It has a sleek case with an aluminum top and a relatively large 10-digit display that is tilted to provide better visibility and less glare. You’ll want plenty of light, too, as the BA-20 gets its power from a solar cell and doesn’t have a battery backup.

    The hard-plastic buttons are completely flat, responsive, and large enough to avoid accidental presses. That’s a good thing, because if you make a mistake while entering data into this unit you’ll have to correct the old-fashioned way by clearing the entire line instead of simply pressing a backspace key. There are dedicated +/-, Percentage, and Square-Root keys, along with the usual assortment of memory buttons. What gives this product its Profit Manager name are the six blue buttons above the main keypad that provide shortcut access to profit margin, sales, and cost calculations. This lets you enter any two of three variables and the calculator computes the third variable. The BA-20 also supports constants, simplifying repetitious calculations.

    Although the BA-20 will appeal to users looking for simplicity of operation, there are a few drawbacks to consider before committing to a purchase. The calculator is a little too wide to serve comfortably as a handheld device, but that is secondary to our concerns about the unit’s build quality. The display is covered by a clear panel that is glued to the case, but the one on our review sample had popped out of its mounting during shipping. We tried to reseat it but one side always jutted from the case slightly more than the other side. It’s a minor point, but definitely something to check for if you order this otherwise capable product. –T. Byrl Baker


    • Cost-sell-margin keys quickly compute the third variable when the other two are entered
    • Sleek design looks sharp on a desktop


    • Suspect build quality
    • Few features

    List Price: $ 35.00

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