Testing GIS Applications.flv

Performance testing can lead to proactive resolution of functional and system related issues before they impact end users and allow for identification of bottlenecks and/or underutilized resources for redeployment. To ensure a successful enterprise implementation, the following testing steps should be performed: Application Functional Testing – The application functional testing is a crucial step in a successful GIS implementation. It is important that the application be complete, solid, sound and representative of defined business requirements. System Tuning – Testing will expectedly reveal areas of improvement; however, some best practices should be implemented. This may include evaluation of the map documents, data location and data structure modifications. Test Plan Development – A comprehensive test plan with input from domain/functional experts, documented user workflows and documented system configuration is imperative to testing success with effective and practical results. Test Script Creation – Test Scripts are necessary so that tests can be re-run as required in a repeatable and controlled approach beginning with testing single user interactions and then scaling the testing to a simulated load test. Insertion of user transactions, user think time, pacing of user tasks as well as parameterizing transaction inputs are included in the scripts. Testing Execution – Testing is performed using one or more load testing tools all while ensuring only target applications
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