Testing AJAX Applications 101 – eValid, Free Educational Webinar Scheduled on 24 March, 2010


Testing AJAX Applications 101 – eValid, Free Educational Webinar Scheduled on 24 March, 2010

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2010

Software Research Inc., the leader in automated web application testing with users world-wide, today announced the next free educational webinar, scheduled for March 24. The focus will be on a methodical approach for applying automation testing of AJAX applications, which are by nature very complex and completely asynchronous. eValid is designed to radically simplify this testing process so it can be used by less experienced or less technically skilled professionals. Developers and testers can test objects, websites, web applications and DOM elements with a single tool. eValid has a variety of antidotes to the complexity and timing issues that arise with AJAX.

“The market today is ready for an easy AJAX testing solution that does not require high-level training and which will get the user workable results, right out of the box. Because eValid is build inside a real browser, reports or alarms are generated by real-time interactive testing, and are therefore completely accurate and relevant,” said Edward Miller, President of Software Research. “We will show how using an automation suite not only expands the scope of the fields you are testing, but how you can amplify your work by re-using existing test scripts in multiple ways. All this at a fraction of the cost that other solutions charge.” Miller concluded. “Accurate, affordable, easy to use and re-use is our antidote for these economic times”.

Key Facts:

When: Wednesday, 24 March 2010, 2:00 PM Eastern Time (11:00 AM Pacific Time)
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Who Should Attend: IT Professionals, Project Managers, Lead QA Managers, Web Developers, Testers, Web Masters, Business Analysts, Line of Business and eBusiness Managers, or staff members curious about state-of-the-art web testing techniques and payoffs.
What Its About: QA departments face the daunting tasks of Testing Web Applications with complex AJAX elements and interactive components, within the constraints of limited development time and testing schedules. Not to mention the mandatory “budget friendly” requirement. Would you like to see your work and limited resources multiplied, without breaking a sweat (and without breaking the Bank for that matter)?

Discover how to find a real force amplifier in your company’s web application testing: eValid is there to help. Testing AJAX Web Applications can be simple and fast, realistic yet precise, accurate and reliable. More important even is that you will learn how to analyze your web applications from the real End-User Perspective, with reports delivered automatically, all in real time.

Find all the bottlenecks and problem areas in your AJAX web applications and web sites before your potential customers do. They will never tell you, they’ll simply click away.

Content: Topics and life demonstrations include the following:
eValid Architecture and Structure: How eValid makes testing web apps easy.
Functional Testing: How you can record your AJAX testing so that eValid can reproduce it.
Regression Testing: How to validate outputs to confirm operation.
AJAX Application Testing: How to fully-synchronize AJAX apps to play safely and reliably.
Monitoring: How to schedule test runs to feed data for Network Status Reporting.
Server Loading: How to amplify functional tests by a factor of 100+ to let multiple AJAX scripts    impose realistic server load.
Speaker: Dr. Edward Miller, Chief Architect of eValid, has more than 20 years experience in software testing and more than 10 years experience in testing web browser enabled applications.
Moderator: Rita Bral, VP Communications, Software Research, Inc. has over 15 years experience as a linguist and communicator.

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About Software Research, Inc.

Software Research is the Industry leader in innovative solutions for testing today’s complex, dynamic web environment. Customers worldwide, small and large corporations across the industry alike, rely on the accuracy of eValid’s real IE browser-based test results to optimize the quality, reliability and performance of their complex web applications, to test servers, detect performance bottle necks, cut development costs, increase revenue, and build brand loyalty.

About eValid:

The patented eValid Suite is an easy to use test-enabled web browser, that supports test automation of complex AJAX and Web 2.0 applications. The eValid Bundles are available for Rich Internet Application Monitoring, Functional/Regression Testing, Server Loading, Performance Testing, Website Analysis. The eValid International Edition supports DBCS and foreign-language environments, on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Copies of eValid V9 are available from eValid Download. Complete information about eValid is found at: http://www.e-Valid.com.

Application Areas:

eValid applications include the following major areas:

Functional/Regression Testing: To provide test support for advanced AJAX-style web applications that rely on heavy use of XML, JavaScript, with multi-window support.
Application Monitoring: To support “monitoring mode” repeated playback of a test to confirm web application operation. Our latest audits of eValid Monitoring Mode operations show that eValid users are collectively running over 20,000,000 tests per month.
Server Loading: To provide realistic server loading capability by running large numbers of eValid browsers simultaneously, coordinated to operate in multiple machines.
Site Analysis: To provide detailed scanning and analysis of complete websites for quality assurance and comparative analysis purposes.
International Edition: Full support for non-English, DBCS (unicode) OS environments and all Windows plug-in language sets.

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