TealMaster Plus 2.40 null

TealMaster Plus 2.40 null
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System Extensions Managed Right: Manage your Hacks Replace Hackmaster with TealMaster, the supercharged 100%-compatible system extensions manager. TealMaster adds enhanced stability, configuration and diagnostic features and PalmOS 5.0 hack emulation. Special Functionality Unique features not found in Hackmaster include support running selected hacks under PalmOS 5, hack priorities, anti-delete protection, timed automatic activation after reset, and multiple activation profiles. Advanced features include system analysis tools and automatic activation and deactivation of hacks when switching applications. PalmOS 5 compatible. -Well Designed- If you’re a power hack user and need the ability to switch between different hackconfigurations, TealMaster and x-master are your only choices. Of the two, TealMaster’s concept of hack priorities is simple, clear, and well-designed, its display is the most informative, and its Profile Mapping allows hacks to be enabled automatically when switching applications. Technical information on system patches is also better presented in TealMaster, and, as with most TealPoint software, the documentation is first rate. PalmUser Magazine BONUS: A special for Handango, this enhanced bundle includes TealPoint VersionMaster for PalmOS. A $10 value, VersionMaster effortlessly tracks all your TealPoint applications, finding, downloading and installing new updates, when available.A leading provider of software solutions for handheld devices, TealPoint Software currently offers 30+ productivity products for the PalmOS platform. Selections include TealDoc, the superior document reader, TealMovie, the award-winning multimedia player, TealAuto, the complete vehicle service and expense log, TealPhone, the replacement address book, and TealLock the definitive PalmOS security solution. Take advantage of TealPoint’s Free 30-Day Trial Policy on all products.

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