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Halloween Classic ….. Skull/Skeleton Makeup Tutorial.

Howdy Guys:) I finally got around to doing my first Halloween tutorial of 2010. I decided to go with a skull makeup as it’s one of the ones that’ll always be popular and it’s easy and inexpensive to do. And all you have to do costume wise is to get a long black cloak with […]

Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial — WebBizIdeas – Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial by WebBizIdeas is for beginners. We will cover SEO techniques that you can use TODAY that will increase your search engine rankings. We will go over the definition of search engine optimization, organic results, PPC, keyword research, competition research, competition analysis, on page & off page optimization, Meta […]

Spring Tutorial – AJAX enabling Spring Services using DWR – In this Spring tutorial, Dave Meurer is demonstrating how to AJAX enable Spring Services using DWR. Starting with only a database table, within a few minutes, Dave generates a full Spring back-end application, including exposed Spring Services that are immediately available via Javascript/JSON for use in AJAX web applications. Direct web remoting (DWR) […]

Canon Pixma USB Printer works in Linux Mint or Ubuntu Tutorial Review

Video Review style Tutorial on how to use a Canon Pixma USB Colour Bubble-jet Printer in Linux Mint or Ubuntu Linux and how it just works fine out of the box with no additional driver installation required and I demonstrate it printing a colour image. I give some Linux Tips on which types of Printers […]

X1 Enterprise Search Advanced Video Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates the advanced techniques of X1 enterprise search. With X1, you can search data in almost 500 applications and file types from a single interface. To learn more, go to Video Rating: 5 / 5

Compiz Fusion Desktop Cube, Cylinder, Sphere Tutorial

A complete tutorial on just how to enable compiz fusion desktop cube, desktop cylinder and desktop sphere effects on Linux. Required packages: compiz-core compiz-plugins compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compizconfig-settings-manager Video Rating: 4 / 5

Android Application Development Tutorial – Android Service Example

Class 3, Part 2. This video comes from Marakana’s 5-Day Android Bootcamp Training Course, which Marko Gargenta taught in San Jose, CA earlier this year. In this Android services example, Marko will show you how to create an Android service that will pull data from from a twitter-like web app and then store that data […]

Linux Mint 10 RC 64bit Julia Gnome Review Tutorial

In-depth Screencast Review & How-to Install Tutorial for the new Linux Mint 10 RC Release Candidate 64bit Gnome edition code-named Julia which is based on Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. “The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 10 RC. Linux Mint 10 comes with updated software and brings refinements and new […]