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Girl Gamer with kick ass gaming computers 2011 setup

This is the promotional model i normally get them 6 months prior to it being released to the mass market.I am too lazy to make a new video because the Alienware M17x R2 and R3 look exactly the same except it has 3D screen. New 3D Alienware M17x R3 3D 2011 Gaming Laptop Genuine Windows® […]

The New Setup.

The New Setup. Image by Jezz (sorry about the glare) I picked up a new 19" ViewSonic VA1912wb a couple of days ago, as I could stand to look at Patrick’s or Ian’s pictures anymore without being insanely jealous. So, here it is. In all it’s glory! I don’t think I can ever go back. […]

Mac Mini Media Server Setup

Mac Mini Media Server Setup Image by Cristiano Betta Very nice setup of my MacMini G4. Some short details: Hardware – Mac Mini G4 1.4GHz – Keyspan FrontRow Remote – Belkin USB/FW Hub – HP All-in-one Printer Software – (Hacked) FrontRow – Stattoo (nice stats on desktop when FrontRow is turned off) – Menushade (makes […]

How to setup web application on apache/tomcat/mysql in hosting environment?

Question by Neeraj Yadav♥: How to setup web application on apache/tomcat/mysql in hosting environment? Hi guys, I have this web application which has to be integrated on hosting server It has to deployed in apache tomcat plus we have to integrate with payment gateway(provided by local bank) and we will be using Mysql as DB […]

How to Setup and Use Remote Desktop in Vista

This shows you how to setup Remote Desktop in Vista so that you can access your computer from anywhere in the world through a Vista, or XP computer. (You can also download the Remote Desktop client for Mac OS X to connect from a Mac.) For more information, visit my website at

altes Setup

altes Setup Image by Robbes Unscharfer Belinea 22" CRT (108080), spinnende Logitech MX500, eigentlich recht gute Compaq-Tastatur, schäbiges Dell-Mousepad.