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Desktop screenshot (7 July 2007)

Desktop screenshot (7 July 2007) Image by seasonal wanderer My just-cleaned-up desktop! It’s been cluttered for a while, it’s been a month since I last cleaned up. What you see is some random cute pig image I found online, background and reflection and stuff like that by myself. Stickies for my post-its (much more flexible […]

11.16.2006 Screenshot

11.16.2006 Screenshot Image by ismh_ My current desktop and Dock, as of 11.16.2006

Desktop Screenshot for Lifehacker

Desktop Screenshot for Lifehacker Image by pigpogm *** The scribbled notes are *on* the desktop, they’re not explanations – it’s a Tablet PC. *** A screenshot of the desktop of Moog, my Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, for the Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell pool. It’s a bit on the self-referential side, because I only got […]

Desktop Screenshot (11h38m01s)

Desktop Screenshot (11h38m01s) Image by The Eggplant A desktop screenshot using SphereXP and Mobydock. Why? Because I was bored.