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51 ideas de publicidad y de marketing que SI atraen a la gente!

“Complilation” con lo mejor del guerrilla marketing. magazine advertisement y publicidad exterior. Recopilado en todo el mundo por la agencia creativa Publicidad que no nos deja indiferente (como tanta publi-aburrida que toca aguantar cada dia) y que hace que te des la vuelta y te quedes mirando. Un 98% de los negocios hacen lo […]

Old School Marketing

Old School Marketing Image by psd Shame you need to advertise on the tube to get people to visit your web site, XING. Kinda tells me all I need to know, really, because I’ve not a clue why I should sign up, otherwise .. [update] .. so I couldn’t resist and signed-up, and I’m instantly […]

10 ways brands can use location-based marketing

10 ways brands can use location-based marketing The growth of the smartphone provides a number of opportunities for brands to engage with consumers based on their current location. Read more on e-Consultancy Iomega Home Media Hard Drive Cloud Edition Review The Iomega Home Media Hard Drive, Cloud Edition is a network attached storage (NAS) that […]

Think Marketing with Google: Agile, Outcomes Driven, Digital Advertising

Acquisition Cost, Revenue, Net Profit, Micro-Conversions & Economic Value… concepts that form the foundation of any great digital marketing practice. In this presentation Avinash Kaushik ( outlines how embracing these concepts will help you revolutionize your digital existence. You’ll also see links to download key reports and methodologies. Video Rating: 4 / 5

– Marketing – James Citron of MoGreet

This week Scott and Dan are joined by James Citron of Mogreet, a new and innovative mobile marketing company. The three discuss in Marketing Rehab, and go over some very interesting commercials. Video Rating: 5 / 5

search engine optimization & marketing – really fast and easy method Dear Publisher Site owner or Blogger Create your own SiteVacuum within a minute and for FREE! We all know Google search is a money machine, why don’t you follow their way to success? It can do magic for you too The Concept is Simple… With SiteVacuum You turbo-charge your users’ search capabilities and push […]

– Marketing – Matt Stoudt, Founder of

This week we’re cooking with gas as the duo welcome Matt Stoudt, who created both Bhootan and Fuelcast, only to merge them both into one of the largest gas station networks, They also go over a few ads and read a special piece of viewer mail. For more on the episode, and a full […]

– Marketing – Noel Biderman – CEO of

This week Dan and Scott welcome a very controversial guest as Noel Biderman, CEO of joins the conversation. The two ask Noel about the birth of the website, as well as the massive growth that it’s currently seeing both financially and in presence. For more on the episode, and a full catalog of our […]

– Marketing – Dan Charnas, author of “The Big Payback”

This week Dan Charnas joins Scott and Dan in discussing his book The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip Hop. They discuss some of the biggest players in the industry and how it became a multi-million dollar business. The also take a viewer question and in “Does It Sell” they look at […]

– Marketing – Bob Yallen, CEO of Intermedia Advertising

This Week, Scott and Dan welcome Bob Yallen, CEO of Intermedia Advertising and pinpoint exactly what it takes to reach an audience on every form of media today. The three then answer audience questions, and ask “Does It Sell?” for three new TV spots. For For more on the episode, and a full catalog of […]