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Game Show – CGI and Live Action Trailers

Welcome to Game Show! This episode we discuss the pros and cons of CGI and Live Action trailers. Join in the discussion and comment below! ● Web ● Twitch Channel http ● Twitter ● Facebook ● Steam ● IRC #UnitLost Video Rating: 4 / 5

Live at the Apollo-stephen k amos

Dara O’Briain is the host, with special guests Stephen K Amos and Frankie Boyle. Recorded live at the world famous Hammersmith Apollo, this last show of the series hammers computer geeks, Australians, the seventies and present buying Video Rating: 4 / 5

Debunking the UFO Debunkers – Stanton Friedman LIVE

Revised and Updated! At the center of the ET and UFO truth embargo is a core of propaganda promulgated over 50 years in the guise of scientific skepticism. This false “skepticism” came to be known as “debunking.” Having given more than 700 lectures about flying saucers in 15 countries; published more than 80 papers, 2 […]

UFOs – The French Connection – Gildas Bourdais LIVE

Gildas Bourdais is a French UFO and Exoploitics researcher and author of five books including “An Inquiry Into the Existence of Celestial and Cosmic Beings,” “Are They Here Already? Extraterrestrials and the Roswell Case,” “UFOs: 50 Years of Secrecy” and “UFOs: The Progressive Lifting of Secrecy.” He has written articles in English for the MUFON […]

United Nations UFO and ET Policy – Antonio Huneeus LIVE

This presentation chronicles the international perspective of the ET issue and includes: 1. A history of the United Nations UFO Initiative. 2. France, Italy, Chile, and other official efforts. J. Antonio Huneeus (Chile) is a Chilean-American science journalist and internationally known researcher of extraterrestrial-related phenomena. He has covered the field from an international perspective as […]

Best UFO and ET Video Evidence – Jaime Maussan LIVE

Mexico Television Journalist Jaime Maussan rose to prominence as the General Director and Anchorman of Latin America’s television version of the news show “60 Minutes.” Jaime became the center of attention during the 1991 solar eclipse when he and his news program became the primary investigators of the greatest mass UFO sighting in human history […]

NASA & UFO SECRECY – Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell LIVE

Apollo Astronaut and the 6th Man to walk on the Moon — Dr. Edgar Mitchell speaks about the big picture of the planet Earths emergence into a new cosmic community of advanced civilizations in our own galaxy and beyond. Dr. Mitchell discuses his conversations with the original Roswell witnesses that he calls the old timers […]

WPC11: Live blog of Steve Ballmer Microsoft speech

WPC11: Live blog of Steve Ballmer Microsoft speech Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference starts Monday with a speech from Chief Executive Steve Ballmer. I will be tapping some live notes here while watching the webcast starting at 9 a.m. The webcast is at if you want to watch along. If you want to follow along […]