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Compiz Fusion on Your Desktop : Howto Ubuntu

Check out my new Linux channel: Ever wondered how to make your Ubuntu desktop more spiffy? It’s easy when you enable the desktop effects through Compiz Fusion, and I made a quick tutorial will to show you how. If you don’t know, Compiz “aims to provide an easy and fun-to-use windowed environment, allowing use […]

Samsung Code (SGH-i220) – Howto – Customizing your Desktop I have been getting lots of questions on how I set up my desktop. It is very easy. This video will show you how you too can change it and be super cool and Mr. French-like. I will show you how to change the backgrounds to photos you take in my Camera comparison video. […]

Howto add a Moving background to your desktop: Vista Mini Hack

Have you gotten fed up of your static boring wallpaper? Well it is very easy to add a moving background to any vista machine just like the Windows Vista Ultimate add on. Just follow the steps its real easy, Don’t forget to subscribe, follow me, visit and feel free to email me at […]