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Jersey Shore Exposed! PROOF IT’S FAKE!

Twitter- Follow my LIVE Streaming & LIVE Chat Channel!- Subscribe! Then check out some more stuff. Facebook- Daily Vlogs!- OLD SCHOOL GAMING CHANNEL!- Personal Site- IMDB- http… Fake online tests?

Question by Johnny B: Fake online tests? Hi guys, Couple of weeks ago I received an email from on my email id that is not registered with, saying that I have been selected and the preliminary test is an online test. Following was the body of the email ( — Dear candidate, […]

My Fake Vista Trick…

My Fake Vista Trick… Image by Dt’ Fazly ♥ I used: -Bricopack 2 Vista Inspirat 2 – theme, icons, cursor, sound -TrueTransparency – transparent explorer border (vista total glass 2 skin) -VAIOXP + Windows Sidebar RTM – sidebar -Vistart – Vista start menu emulator -Transbar (included in bricopack) – Transparent taskbar -QT AdressBar – Vista […]