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Kenya: Technology Threatens Existence of Desk Phones in Firms

Kenya: Technology Threatens Existence of Desk Phones in Firms The phone booths died, and now the technology firms are threatening to eclipse the desk phone! Read more on Windows applications to run on Google Chrome OS with Citrix Receiver Desktop virtualisation tool aims to stream enterprise applications to cloud notebook The same Citrix technology […]

My Desk II

My Desk II Image by gray_um My desktop with some notes (updated version)

My Desk III

My Desk III Image by gray_um The before pics, Desk I and Desk II. Added some cable management and removed corner piece of desk. See cable management I and II

Desk Mounted Gaming PC

P6T Deluxe motherboard i7 920 @ 3.8ghz with Noctua cooler 6 GB Corsair XMS3 1600mhz Saphire HD 5970 with Arctic Cooling Accelero Extreme Antec Truepower 1000w power supply Seagate 750 gig HD Hitachi 1 TB HD Western Digital 1 TB HD Creative p7800 speakers G15 Keyboard LG Dvd/rw Hauppauge TV tuner Tough to carry to […]

My desk

My desk Image by gray_um My desk at home

my desk

my desk Image by mrsexsmith finally clean! (a week later: wish it still looked like this)