Sync email contacts in web application to microsoft outlook?

Question by Mohan K: Sync email contacts in web application to microsoft outlook?
I am hosting a web application that has some email contacts, phone number for each email contact, etc. How can I have these contact details available on my Microsoft Outlook? Can someone give me inputs
Chaitu, thanks for your response! I know there is an option to import using .csv which is the easiest, but i am looking for automating it; i mean any contacts added/deleted in my web application should sync with my outlook and update my address book; exporting from web app and importing into my outlook is one time, but it is tedious to do it again and again manually.

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Answer by Chaitu

The easiest way of moving your contacts from your web application to MS Outlook is by exporting the contacts as a .csv file from the web app and then importing it into Outlook. Can you export from your web app?

If your web app does not allow you to export to .csv, then copy paste the email addresses from the application on to MS Excel. Now work with Excel’s inbuilt tool which will help you convert the text into rows and coloumns. Save the file as a .csv file. Import this into your outlook.

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