Strategic Commander 1.2

Strategic Commander 1.2
Category: Arcade Games
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase
Publisher: ZindaWare


is a turn-based strategy game simliar to “Master ofOrion”, Milton Bradley’s “Risk” or MicroProse’s “Civilization”. You can play against one or more computer players or mix computer players in with humans to make things more interesting. Human players can each take turns using the same device or use the infrared port to “beam” turns to each other. You start by building a combination of manufacturing and research facilities on the planets under your control. Choose your approach wisely: Should you invest early inresearch to build a small fleet of high tech ships? or instead focus ondominating the universe with an enormous but low tech fleet? Strategy isking in this game — how you use and invest your resources is as importantas how well you do in searching out the enemy. Your objective is to find andcapture the home planets of the other human or computer players. Send yourships out to explore the multitude of planets, conquer and take over thoseat strategic locations. Capture the home planets of the other players togrow your empire. When you destroy all the other players, you’ve won the game! Version 1.2 now adds infrared support for multi-pilot games, Palm OS 5 support, and the ability to save multiple games.Features:Palm OS 5 supportHi-res color, color and black and white support Infrared support for multi-player games using up to 9 palm devices!Up to 9 players (human or computer)4 different universe sizes3 different computer difficultiesDifferent universe layout every gameSmooth scrolling map of the universe

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