Stealth Computer (except for the dang printers)

Stealth Computer (except for the dang printers)
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Image by TexasDarkHorse
Don’t really know why I took this. I guess I’m missing the 365 Days project but am not quite ready to start again.

For the last year, I didn’t have a desktop computer. Mine died and it was so old, I just didn’t fix it. Just used my laptop from work. But it’s not very good and didn’t want to install personal stuff on it like PS Elements, Premier and such. It also wasn’t powerful enough to edit video and I have an HD camcorder that I use a lot.

So just this last week, I ordered parts and built a new home PC. I used my TV as my monitor and my home theatre system for speakers. I wanted it to be visually unobtrusive, so I used a half-height tower that fits neatly into the bottom shelf and got a wireless keyboard and mouse. Were it not for the printers, you couldn’t tell there was a computer in here. They are an eyesore.

One of the printers and the scanner are wired or I’d have put them all in the other room. They are probably the worst looking things in the room. May look into a wireless print server soon.