Sprint EVO 4G Software Review Part 2

Full review: bit.ly In this video we continue to cover the software on Sprint’s EVO 4G. We take a look at the Sprint TV offering, which costs an extra per month. Since you’ve already got free internet video offerings, it doesn’t make much sense to pay the extra fee. Also included are a variety of Sprint sport applications. New to the YouTube player on the EVO 4G is the ability to watch video in high quality, which is close to high definition. The kickstand helps tremendously in this respect. We also take a look at the camera, which can shoot video in 720p. You can choose from both the front and rear camera when taking photos. Finally, we show the gaming prowess of the EVO 4G with a free Android Market game called Raging Thunder Lite. As you’ll see from the video, the EVO 4G handles high FPS games very well.
Video Rating: 4 / 5