Sonic CD 1.0.1

Sonic CD 1.0.1
Category: Platformer Games
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase
Publisher: Sega


Sonic travels to the distant shores of Never Lake for the once-a-year appearance of Little Planet – a mysterious world where past, present, and future collide through the power of the Time Stones that lie hidden within it.

Sonic arrives only to find the once beautiful world imprisoned beneath a twisted metallic shell. His arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman, has come for the Time Stones and with them, will soon have the power to control time itself!

In order to put an end to Dr. Eggman’s nefarious schemes, Sonic must use the power of Little Planet to travel through time; breaking Dr. Eggman’s hold over the future by destroying his machines in the past and recovering the missing Time Stones!

Featuring Retina Display, achievements, leaderboards and both the US and Japanese soundtracks, experience the epic adventure through time that introduced the world to Amy Rose and Eggman’s most evil creation, Metal Sonic.

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