Solution for Web Application Performance and Management

Solution for Web Application Performance and Management

Solution for Web Application Performance and Management

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Solution for Web Application Performance and Management

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Posted: Jan 29, 2009 |Comments: 0


Software applications are an integral part of every enterprise. Clients and employers are always on lookout for IT teams which can build enterprise applications and make them live as quickly as possible. But what often happens after such a carelessly prepared application goes live is users utilize the application and it doesn’t respond well. Clients hence lose users as well as valuable business.

Tevron is the leading software company that provides automated load testing solutions to measure and predict the behavior of complex web-based applications on a global scale. It provides testing solutions for web application and custom applications, helping top businesses all over the world in guaranteeing quality web experiences to their customers. Tevron offers a series of products under its CitraTest brand name that focus on end-user experience, which helps businesses go one step beyond application performance management.

The CitraTest APM integrates all of Tevron’s services and is accessible from an easy-to-use web console. The IT optimization tools provided by Tevron manage and measure the web application performance, the website as well as the customer’s web experience. 

The CitraTest APM allows IT Managers, IT Engineers and other users to evaluate and analyze the end user performance of any application at any point of presence across the entire enterprise. Some important features of the CitraTest APM Web Console are listed below:

•    End User Experience Monitoring – Measures users’ real time experiences to gain possible insights into customer agreement and the performance of Web 2.0 technologies without purchasing costly hardware.

•    Website monitoring and management – Uses the latest website performance testing and monitoring services to increase real-time application measurements from within the network, private locations, “last mile” user desktops as well as the Internet Backbone.

•    SLA Management and Reporting – Generates detailed SLA Reports quickly for all applications.

•    Scheduling – By using the CitraTest APM Web Console, businesses can generate execution schedules. These schedules can then be easily transferred to any point of presence within the organization. Execution will be prepared for by automatically deploying the monitoring scripts of each schedule to different points of presence.

•    Monitoring Groups – Businesses can create monitoring groups associating various points of presence via unique group names. E.g. London Location, Frankfurt Location, Paris Location, Boston Location etc.

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Mark Waltzer
About the Author:

Tevron is a global leader in APM and Automated Testing. Find more information on application monitoring, transaction monitoring, IT service management, SLA and business service management for IT monitoring solutions.


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