Social Media Syndication Map

Social Media Syndication Map
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Image by Frederick Md Publicity
Graphic Courtesy Daniel W Crompton of FriendFeed Fun

This flow chart of how to integrate your participation of social media to maximize your company or your brand image in the public eye.

Some small businesses even forgo conventional websites in favor of just a company twitter account.

It is possible for your company to get ranked very highly in Google search results by having nothing more than a company MySpace page or a Company Facebook Page and no other company (or corporate) website what-so-ever.

Our marketing data suggests sales, conversions, actual real money flowing into your companies cash registers is Influenced MORE by what your potential customers or clients think of you by what they see represented on social media.

Credibility Sells
"Push Advertising" does not.

… all push advertising does is piss off the very people you’re trying to sell to.

"don’t shoot the messenger", Google has changed the way people purchase.


Don’t want to be advertised to
Don’t Need to be advertised to

When they’re ready to buy… they open up a browser and type in

If you can’t do all of the above.. it IS impressive and TIME CONSUMING at a minimum hook up your delicious and stumbleupon to your
… then sign up for all of the services available for internal sharing at your ping.f