SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.0.2 Released – Free Edition Available

SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.0.2 Released – Free Edition Available
Tomsk Inc. (DBA SkyFex) releases SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.0.2. SkyFex is a free web based remote desktop service for individuals, support teams and help desks. SkyFex is focused on being secure and easy to use. Remote desktop sharing and remote control is done directly in the browser window. No software needs to be installed. (PRWeb November 06, 2010) Read the full story at http …
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Sun uncloaks ‘virtualized’ computing
The company’s “N1” project is an attempt to make servers and storage look like giant pools of resources with computing processes swimming within.
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Verizon trots out FiOS Flex View phone, tablet TV viewing
Verizon today switched on Flex View as an on-demand option for FiOS TV viewers. Both the desktop and mobile versions of its Media Manager app can buy or rent the same video on demand options as they would have from the fiber optic service itself. Video is stored locally to work offline and supports bookmarks to pick up playback later….
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