Simply Download New Themes in Windows 7

Simply Download New Themes in Windows 7

Simply Download New Themes in Windows 7

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Home Page > Internet > Web Hosting > Simply Download New Themes in Windows 7

Simply Download New Themes in Windows 7

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Posted: Jun 08, 2010 |Comments: 0



Do you feel you have tired of the default themes in the operating system? Have you ever thought of finding new themes? If you want to try new things to change your desktop, I will show you an easy way to download new themes from Microsoft’s Personalization Gallery in Windows 7.


Download New Themes in Windows 7

Just right-click on the Desktop and select “Personalize”.

Then under My Themes click on “Get more themes online”.

It will take you to Microsoft’s site where you can select from a variety of New and Featured themes from the Personalization Gallery.



Now you can open and apply the theme right away, or save a bunch of them for use later.

Here are two examples of the Avatar and Gears of War Themes.


Is it too simple for you to make your desktop have a new wonderful face? Just have a try!


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